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Empowering African Women in the Diaspora


Who are we?

EAWID is a organisation based in Denmark, focused on reaching out and in supporting African women in the Diaspora in navigating the complex systems.

We offer support,advise, and mentor women. It could be interms of finding legal help, assisting women in abusive relationships, assisting in getting acquinted with the system, offer mentor program etc. 

We also work with women who intend to come to Denmark, and offer real picture of live abroad.

We also assist women who have returned back to Africa against their wish to rebuild their lives back home.

What do we do?

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What are the cases?

All cases are unique, but we can see a common denominitor in most of them. The women we work with are vulnerable, new to the system and in most cases have ended up in abusive relationships. 

Most of the women are in the process of learning the danish language and therefore rely a lot on their spouses to assist them navigate the new system in matters of integration, applying for residency permits, communicating with their case wokers, doctor appointments etc. In some cases, the men blackmail the vulnerable women while the women become totally dependant on their spouses.

How can you join?

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